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Friday, June 9, 2017


by Michael Caddell

(Full disclosure: the author of this essay has been in a matrimonial relationship with Ann Kristin Neuhaus for over 30 years. The opinions expressed within this essay do not represent her or her legal counsel Bob Eye. The author is solely responsible for the content herein.)

Convicted California clinic bomber Cheryl Sullenger files the original complaint with KSBHA "medical investigator" Clifford F. Hacker who later gave conflicting statements regarding his contact with Sullenger.
Sullenger's mobile phone number was located in the car of Dr.Tiller's killer.
Sullenger later admitted to having phone conversations with Scott Roeder around the time of the 2009 murder.  

Friday, June 9, 2017 for the second time the Kansas Board of
Original cover page, click to enlarge.
Healing Arts (KSBHA) will be forced by a court of law to reconsider the many punishments they and the State of Kansas have dealt-out to Dr. Kris Neuhaus for more than the last decade.


Her legal professional nightmare with the State of Kansas began with former state Attorney General Phill Kline’s legal “Inquisition” in December 2006 where an estimated 23 uncensored patient medical records were physically seized from her under a gag order that threatened immediate arrest and indefinite jail terms for criminal contempt charges.

Inquisition transcript identifying those in the room.

Eleven of these same patient medical records have been used for the last 6 years by a politically tainted and bloated bureaucracy known as the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts.

Judge Theis 1st ruling transcript linking Inquistion to KSBHA.

KSBHA and the “disciplinary” lawyers, administrators their legal representatives and the individuals impaneled as members of the board should all each individually be held criminally liable for violating Dr. Kris Neuhaus’ civil rights.

KSBHA and the office(s) of the Kansas Attorney General during the tenure of Phill Kline and his appointed assistants and officers should also be held criminally liable for an established pattern of prosecutorial vindictiveness against Dr. Kris Neuhaus.

Transcript clip from KSBHA revocation hearing 2013

"PRESIDING OFFICER" is Ed Gaschler, Administrative Judge
"DOCTOR SETTICH" is the retired chair
Political Science Dept. Benedictine University, Atchison, Ks.
DOCTOR MILFELD is one of the 5 medical doctors.
"MR. HAYS" is the KSBHA lawyer, posing as prosecutor.

This statement was deleted from the formal record.

KSBHA is a regulatory agency which interprets civil procedures to define “Healing Arts” and “professionalism” under the pretense of state government law. It is not a law enforcement agency that can arrest, incarcerate or imprison the subjects of their investigations.

It operates within a dubious framework imitating a court of law under a politically appointed panel of chiropractors, lawyers, partisan activists, a retired political science professor and an administrative judge. A minority within the panel currently practicing medical physicians and they too are politically appointed by the Kansas governor.

The annual budget of KSBHA is reported as $5,400,000 employing 45 staff members and various unspecified “special investigators.”

Undoubtedly the KSBHA disciplinary lawyers will emit farting sounds from self-important mouths and issue more silly statements justifying her continued professional censure. Perhaps stubborn political stupidity will convince the panel to again revoke her medical license to practice in the State of Kansas.

Listen for a wailing chorus concerning the labors of competent bureaucrats behind the board who will claim financial damages to their agency’s budgetary bottom line.

After all, KSBHA spent well over $100,000 and tried to bill Dr. Neuhaus for their troubles. At least $70,000 of this bill was for a doughnut-rich forensic psychiatrist from Catholic Georgetown University who had never treated abortion patients.

Dec. 13, 2014 -- KSBHA final revocation hearing of Dr. Neuhaus licensure.
(Left, Jean Gawdun, clinic picket and Kansan for Life operative;
Center, Dr. Neuhaus;
Right, Cheryl Sullenger, convicted clinic bomber, Operation Rescue operative.)

Photo Credit: Associated Press John Hanna

However, the public will not be able to hear these deliberations because it will be conducted in “executive session” today.


An estimate of the financial damages done to Dr. Neuhaus range from $600,000 to 1,500,000 during the more than ten years the State of Kansas has launched a series of jaundiced and vindictive prosecutions.

These monetary estimates are very conservative based on an annual income of $60,000 through $150,000 that a similar doctor in family medicine would earn as an employee operating from an out-patient clinic.


The estimate does not include the less tangible damages to her reputation in the public-at-large or to her standing in the medical community. The estimate of damages does not include those done in maligning the character of her family members, or those medical professionals who have testified on her behalf.

Facebook screen clip before Election Day 2016, linking the
author to the inaccurate hit piece Kansans for Life (KFL) lobbyist
Kathy Ostrowski published. Meridan, Ks. bull breeder Ron Ellis received
the most votes with nearly 30% of the registered not participating
in the General Election.

An inaccurate, spurious hit piece published by KFL lobbyist 
and former abortion clinic picket Kathy Ostrowski. 
The malevolent hit piece was published during the author's 2016 election campaign. 
It was then linked on the Jefferson County Republican Party Face Book page Nov. 6, 2016. 
Ms. Ostrowski has testified as an "expert" before various Kansas legislative committees. 
 She holds no health care credentials.


The estimated financial damages incurred on Dr. Neuhaus by these agents of the State of Kansas do not include deprivations to the excellence in standard of care she delivered to her patients. 

Excellence in standard of care as defined by thousands of successful holistic medical treatments patients received in the four Family Medicine-type medical clinics she worked at from roughly 1986 – 1994 before performing abortions.

The subsequent standard practice of excellent health care must also include the nearly 10,000 -- 1st and early 2nd trimester abortion treatments she performed from 1994 - 2004 that were done without injury to, or any substantial complaint from her patients.

KSBHA has twice been ordered by a duly constituted judge to “vacate” their rulings against Dr. Neuhaus after imposing onerous penalties, inflated fines and continued revocation of her medical license by the State of Kansas.

Any continued actions by this body against Dr. Neuhaus should be considered by the public and the courts of law as an injury to all.

Reinstate Dr. Neuhaus’ license to practice medicine in the State of Kansas without further delay.

(Mike Caddell stood for election to the 47th District seat in the House of Representatives at the Topeka statehouse. He received 3,122 votes from an estimated 13,000 registered voters during a campaign relying on his public written record without the vain litter of a single yard sign. His victorious opponent, Rep. Ron Ellis refused to debate him at risk of “going Pentacostal.”)

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