"I will tell the people what's going on at the statehouse. I'm going to treat the capitol as a borderline crime scene. ... If businesses don't have to pay taxes, the burden should not be on those trying to feed themselves." - The Valley Falls Vindicator & Oskaloosa Independent, March 3, 2016.

Across Kansas the top 1% are looting and on-the-loose, pitting us against each other. Communities in Jefferson County need to democratically prepare themselves for food and energy autonomy.


Jan. 28, 2016, "MORE STUPIDITY"

“Letter to the Editor”

Published Jan. 28, 2016 Valley Falls Vindicator, Oskaloosa Independent 


There are hard headed men who will never trust women, witness last Jan. 22nd from the Topeka statehouse and what came out of the state Senate Ethics and Election Committee. Chairman Sen. Mitch Holmes (R-33rd dist.) from St. John, Ks. inserted into meeting guidelines a dress code for women. Sen. Holmes deemed it “inappropriate” for women to wear “low-cut necklines and miniskirts”.

He’s worried about what women wear in his cloistered committee meeting rooms while his hometown grocery store closes Feb. 6th.

Not to be upstaged another knucklehead; Sen. Jacob LaTurner (R-13th dist.) from the Pittsburg area has proposed a law that would protect gun dealers and manufacturers against discrimination. 

He, like the multi-million dollar army of firearm lobbyists, worries that Kansas is one mass school shooting away from a disaster of their own making. Sen. LaTurner sponsored the unlicensed concealed gun law last year. He’s causing the statewide Board of Regents to decide which entrances to college and university buildings will have metal detectors staffed by security personnel.

Last Friday another hard headed man, Gov. Sam Brownback jetted to DC to receive an award for a law against a surgical procedure for abortions and miscarriages. The state appeal court effectively vacated the same law before he landed back in Kansas. 

Meanwhile, the mean Wall Street wrecking crew that Republican lawmakers hired for $2.6 million last year has advised Kansas lawmakers that 99 of the 105 counties in the state each consolidate their K-12 schools into single county-wide districts to save money.

Somehow related, according to the anti-hunger charity OxFam, two of the Wichita based Koch billionaires are listed among the wealthiest 62 people in the world who own more than half of all humans in the world. It is not known if they are claiming to be business exempt from paying Kansas personal income taxes.
Expect more stubborn stupidity to follow, the Republican dominated legislature has only been in session for a week.

Mike Caddell
Radio Free Kansas
North Jefferson County

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